Keep your Air Conditioner Working, Always…

 Air conditioners maintenance will save you lots of $$$ in costly repair and parts, and keeps you worry free for years to come

Air Conditioning Maintenance Services

Why You Should Maintain Your Air Conditioner?

  • You Can Save About 25% more on Your Cooling Bill
  • Avoid Costly Repair Costs and Ensure Your System Works, perfectly!
  • Get The Coldest Air, Without Making Your Air Conditioner Work Overtime
  • Get Priority Service, We will Always Be There When You Need Us

Different packages according to your needs

At BBC services we offer a full range of maintenance services. We offer single time service calls and also yearly subscriptions. Our Air Conditioner Maintenance programs include many options and is available both for commercial and residential customers.
Our excellent service and expertise guarantee to beat our competition, any time!

Commercial Air Conditioning Maintenance

Designed Around Your Business- Our full service Air Conditioning & HVAC maintenance service contracts are designed to fit your exact business needs. Your business has its own special requirements and equipment. It works on your own hours and needs a special touch. Our main goal when designing a service contract is to ensure every part of your business is covered.
Your business might be a restaurant needing extra attention to your refrigeration equipment. Or a busy medical center with immediate service needs, we design according to your needs.

You Can Depend on Us- Service contract also means you have someone there to help when you really need it. Our service contract gives your business an exclusive priority when you really need it. It’s a way to take the guess work out of the equation and know you are getting the best service, every time. Stay stress free and feel confident your business has the support it needs.

Save Money, Lots of it- Your Air conditioners and cooling equipment are a costly investment. Unmaintained equipment tends to quickly brake in a busy business. Repair costs and the cost of the consequence to your business will amount to thousands of dollars. Solve the problems before they happen and protect yourself from any losses.

Get your Air Conditioner Ready and Working

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    Was very professional and did a wonderful job! I called them to get a quote for my installation for two separate units with plexiglass and was able to schedule an appointment right away. I feel that they performed the installation really well and they even cleaned up after themselves (last company I worked with left me with quite a mess) I will definitely recommend this friendly, efficient service to friends!
    David E, New York, NY
    Excellent! They were worth every dollar. Super quick, on time, superior work, and neat. They do it right! They check the entire system and clean up afterwards too. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
    Jill C, New York, NY
    They SAVED MY LIFE! If you ever owned a restaurant, you know how fast customers leave if there is no AC. Hottest day of the year and guess what? AC is not working! Called 2 companies before this one, the first wanted me to wait until Monday, the second one said they can be there first thing in the morning. This Company got here in 35 min, yes exactly 35 min as I was counting each and every min. They tested the system and quickly left to get a replacement part. About 30-40 min later my AC was blowing ice cold air and my weak heart started beating normally again!
    Eddie K, New York, NY