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Expert Air Conditioning installation service and professional Cooling System Design in NYC

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Our Air Conditioning Installation services are guaranteed! And customer service and satisfaction is our main priority! We only use the best and most reliable products and materials. We work around your schedule and ensure your space remains clean and organized after we are done. Our work is backup with our 90 Days Service Guarantee!

Licensed & Insured

When choosing BBC Services for your next installation, you can feel secure! We are fully insured and licensed. Each and every one of our technicians are EPA certified and have been trained in the latest technologies to service and install any type of Air Conditioner. We are authorized installers for all the leading Air Conditioner brands

Affordable & Easy Financing

Installing a new Air Conditioner can leave hole in your pockets. Don’t let it stop you, we can help!
We have teamed up with the leading financing companies to offer you a flexible and affordable monthly payment options.

Expert Air Conditioning Installation

Air Conditioning Installation, The Right Way…

One of the most important decisions any business or a household need to make is which Air Conditioner to install. Choosing the right Air conditioner installers is part of that decision. It does not matter how good or advanced the Air Conditioning system you choose is if it will not be installed correctly. Choosing the right system and installers will save you thousands of dollars in the long run reducing costly electric bills and repair expenses.

With BBC Air Conditioning, you can feel secure you are getting the best installation possible. With over 2000 installations behind us, you can’t go wrong. Each of our technicians is a trained and certified professional equipped with the latest tools and technologies to make your next Air Conditioner Installation last for years to come.

Familiar With All Air Conditioning Systems

Already purchased your air conditioner? No worries, there is no Air Conditioner we can’t install.
We are authorized installers of most of the popular Air conditioners manufacturers out there. We will design the project around your purchased unit and ensure you are getting the highest performance and quality from the unit you have purchased.

Not Sure Which Air Conditioner To Buy?

Choosing the right air conditioner for your home and business is a science. We know our way around air conditioners and heating systems. We design air conditioning systems according to your own personal needs. Our technicians will measure and calculate your Heating and Cooling needs according to specific guidelines and measurements. We will recommend several options that will fit your needs and price range perfectly.

Discounted Pricing and Financing Available

We pass the savings to you! Over the years we have developed close relationships with our vendors and suppliers giving us access to special wholesale pricing and discounted purchasing. We use these relationships to pass along the saving to our values customers giving you the best pricing in the industry.
As low as $30 a month. Our Easy and flexible monthly plans lets you finance your installation according to your budget without braking the bank. Ask our installers about our plans today!

We Install All Types of Air Conditioners

Central air conditioning systems covers large spaces in the most efficient way due to their zoning capabilities. It is a quiet and cost effective solution, especially for multi-floor, multi-rooms applications. When installing a Central Air Conditioner, it is important to choose the appropriate size of unit to fit your needs. Our technicians are all trained in the science of sizing the perfect unit and will help you choose the right Central Air conditioning system according to your needs.
Similar to Central air conditioning systems, split Air conditioners allow you to control your cooling and heating needs according to specific zones in you location. Each zone is controlled as a separate unit and allows you to heat and cool only the areas you would like. Our technicians can help choosing the right type of unit and recommend the types of zones/splits you will need for your house or business.
Ductless Air Conditioner installation is an affordable way to install a new air conditioner, especially in houses and building in New York where ceiling renovation and access might be impossible. Ductless Air Conditioners allow you to keep the main unit outside while connecting to it inside without any ducts and air tunnels running internally.
in-Wall Air Conditioner installation is recommended for small offices and apartments. Similar to window air conditioner, a Wall Air Conditioner is an All-in-One single unit that is mounted directly through the wall. It allows you to locate your Air Conditioner properly to cover the whole location without losing a window or affecting the design of the room.

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